About NoRedMeat

Food is what brings us together and what drivers us apart. It is what we look for after a hungover at 5 am. It is what we take to a friend’s house to celebrate their new job achievement. Food is what flies us back to our childhood times. Food is a celebration, a memory, a companion. But most importantly, it has an impact.

We are NoRedMeat.org, a page dedicated to bringing awareness to our eating habits. Being conscious of what we have on our plates is the first step to a better society, environment, and, therefore, life. We believe it to be a necessity for ourselves, as individuals, to talk about our consumption of red meat and its effects on our animals.

We understand that converting people to not eating red meat or meat anymore might be a step too far, but if we can help you be a little more mindful of your nutrition choices, or maybe get you to make small changes, then that will be a success for us. It is not necessarily about making a drastic decision but rather a step in the right direction. Our mission is to help people take a mindful approach to their eating habits. By enjoying our content, you will not only increase your level of food and health awareness, but you can begin to take steps towards reducing or eliminating your intake of red meat.

Our most deep, rotted belief is that for us to grow into a more aware, educated, and healthy society, we must look at ourselves and ask, what can I do for the world today?

Keep an eye on our weekly blogs, and together we will change the world for the better.