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Looking for clearer skin? Cutting meat from your diet might be the right solution.

If you switch to veganism, positive results on your skin might be visible within a month!
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Different foods impact different parts of our body, so no wonder why some diets are linked to the quality of our skin. In terms of a diet for clearer skin, veganism took place in recent years. Some studies are suggesting that this type of diet is leading to clearer skin. This diet doesn’t include animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and honey. Therefore switching to a vegan diet will be reasonable for skincare.

I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up.
Demi Moore

So how vegan diet can improve your skin?

A vegan skincare diet cuts a lot of products that are not good for your skin. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, dairy was associated with increased acne appearance in individuals aged 7 – 30 years.

Removing your diary and eating more veggies and fruits can improve your skin. Other studies showed when individuals removed dairy from their diet, it improved their skin and decreased acne appearance. If a person has an acne problem, only a month without dairy will show surprising results.

Besides the acne problem, people who have implemented a plant-based diet, have brighter skin. Also, less bloating of the face, and better skin texture.

People that switch to a vegan skincare diet, do not necessarily change only their diet for good.  They change their whole lifestyle, which becomes healthier for their bodies. They become more aware of products they eat, drink or put on their skin. People who implement this lifestyle tend to go for more natural ingredients. They look if products are tested on animals or not because the vegan lifestyle is strongly connected to their beliefs. People who implement this kind of lifestyle will read labels and inform themselves about the ingredients of every product, more than an average person.

Also, switching to a healthier lifestyle can lead to more exercise, better skin hygiene, and more awareness. All those factors together will impact their whole bodies and skin.

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Vegan Skincare

Before you decide to “go vegan” inform yourself carefully to have all the benefits

For people willing to switch to a vegan diet is important to first inform themselves of how to do it properly. A vegan skincare diet surprisingly can be unhealthy if you have too much sugar and carb intake. People who don’t inform themselves before switching to a vegan diet tend to eat too many carbs to feel full. Those carbs are usually full of sugar, and in that case, you are not helping your skin. Sometimes people also gain weight if they start with an enormous carb intake.

It is important to have a balanced diet and to make sure you take enough proteins during the day. So instead of going for pizza, pasta, and bakery, you should visit a nutritionist to seek advice. Eat as many vitamins as you can, have a balanced diet, have colorful meals, and avoid eating the same foods in a row for days.

Even a vegetarian diet is healthier than the one including meat

Even though a vegetarian diet doesn’t exclude the main substances causing acne, such as dairy and sugar, according to the American Heart Society, most vegetarian diets contain fewer fats and cholesterol. That directly leads to less oily skin, which might cause an acne appearance. Study shows that switching to good fats such as 3 and 6 amino acids can fight inflammation caused by sugar and too much fat.

What to be aware of?

Be aware to choose food with a low glycemic index, meaning less sugar, as it needs time to break down, which leads to stable blood sugar levels. Skip white bread, snacks, pastry, and white rice. Don’t eat processed food. Focus on nutritive food, that you can eat less but gain more. If you are not an athlete, eat up to 50g of carbs daily.

People with acne can do best if they control their total calorie intake, as a high body mass index (BMI) is associated with increased acne severity and worsening acne due to dairy products.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, if water is your first choice of drink, drinking water when you’re thirsty won’t lead you to dehydration. Your thirst is satisfied mostly by water and low-carbohydrate drinks. So instead of taking juices, soda, coffee, or even tea, take a glass of water. It will satisfy your thirst most efficiently, and you will avoid any sugar and carbs that might affect your skin. If you have a low water intake during the day, it leads to pealing and dryness of the skin.

Minerals and Vitamins in a vegan diet

vegan diet benefitsMost people are not sufficiently informed about what it means to be vegan, or that it is not healthy for their bodies. All eight amino acids that we get from meat, can be replaced by seeds, vegetables, and fruits. There has also been a lot of controversy over vitamin B12, which most believe can only be absorbed from meat products. But it is also found in peanuts, sesame, sunflower, bananas, soy sauce, and other vegan foods. You should have a balanced diet and mix all necessary vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Supplements can help if you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to the preparation of every single meal during the day. Those essential vitamins might be complex of B vitamins, vitamin D, and calcium.

Many believe that iron is linked to meat consumption and that people who switch to a vegan skincare diet don’t have enough iron, but that is untrue. The iron sits in all the green veggies and legumes, seeds, oats, and mushrooms, so it is almost becoming a myth that iron is linked to meat consumption. Many vegans argued this. In fact, if you want to absorb as much iron as you can from your veggies, it is recommended to mix it with vitamin C. So next time you eat your rocket salad, sprinkle it with some lemon for better iron absorption.

The changes you will notice when switching to a vegan diet

When we say goodbye to meat delicacies and take a different path, we will first encounter various changes in our bodies. If you do it right, the first thing you will notice is a slight weight loss. Research has shown that people who have become vegetarians lose about 5 kg, but it varies from person to person.

vegan diet

In addition to losing weight, your intestinal flora will also change. Scientists claim that there is a difference between the concentration of intestinal microflora in omnivores and vegetarians. All these changes mainly have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Other benefits of a vegan diet

When a person switches to a vegan diet, he will feel a positive impact on the body. You digest your food better and don’t have all the toxins inside yourself which are caused by animal products inside the organism. One of them is a visible change in your skin. If you have had acne problems before, an incredible transformation will follow. Vegan skin becomes shiny, healthy, and smooth.

Also, you will have better sleep as you digest your food easier. People who eat meat tend to digest their food longer, which leads to oversleeping and feeling bad. But the vegan diet will give you the “beauty sleep” you need for better skin.

Interesting fact: Acne – the problem of the western society

In 2002, a study on the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea came to the same conclusion. The authors evaluated research from the 1990s: “Not a single papule, pustule, or open comedones was observed in the entire population examined.” They stated that out of 300 Kitavans aged 15 to 25 years, there wasn’t one case of acne. But in a Western population of the same group, acne is detected in at least 120 people.


When your diet is a mix of fruits and vegetables, cereals, and seeds, a person feels lighter and more fulfilled spiritually. There is much more energy and enthusiasm for some basic life activities. Albert Einstein once said: “Nothing will help human health or increase the chances of survival on Earth as much as the transition to a vegetarian diet.”


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