Animal abuse


Did you know that an animal is abused every 60 seconds? Abuse is the treatment of something or someone improperly and unfairly to gain benefit. Like human beings, animals also face different forms of abuse. They might not talk or express their feelings, but they deserve to be treated with respect. Animal cruelty is composed of a variety of behaviours that are harmful to animals. Most animals slaughtered to produce meat are sweet and gentle. Research shows that in Asia, more than 90 million cows are slaughtered for the meat industry, and the same occurs worldwide.

Some forms of abuse faced by cattle include burning the young cows with hot irons as a form of branding, castration of the male cows, confining the cattle in filthy pens and depriving them of food and water before slaughter; the list is endless. Put yourself in the shoes of these innocent creatures – would you want to be treated this way? If only they could speak about their pain, desperation and fear. It’s upon you and me to be their voice. This needs to stop!

Walk with me through this article as we look at ways to eradicate animal abuse and bring it to a complete end. If you and me don’t take the initiative, then no one else will.