The fashion industry was always connected to animal cruelty, as it uses animal skin and fur for garment creation. The Paris fashion show ended, but a drama about one particular show continued. One fashion brand, designed by a US designer called Daniel Roseberry, raised a debate among animal rights activists and people from the fashion industry.
What made this show stand out from other shows is that this designer decided to put artificial animal heads on the gowns as an accessory. The animal heads were super realistic, looking like real animals.

Many famous models walked down the runway in these dresses, like Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk, and Shalom Harlow. Naomi was wearing an artificial dark wolf coat, while Shalom had a snow leopard on her dress. Kylie Jenner was sitting in the first row and wore the same gown as Irina Shayk on the runway – a black gown with a big artificial lion head on the top corner.


Abuse means to inflict grievous bodily harm, pain or violence, especially frequently or often. People have the belief that they can control animal life as it pleases them. Therefore, animal abuse is the malpractice of treating animals with violence, misconduct and immorality. Putting animals in a place where they feel scared, insecure and intimidated is also animal abuse. 

Every day people brutally subdue and torture animals for meat and their skins too. Animals can show love and affection. Taking care of their health and nutrition is everyone’s job. We can all agree to that. Cases of animal abuse are on the rise day by day and the reason for this killing is not explained. People kill and mutilate to have fun or to enjoy themselves. How selfish can human beings be? So sad!