We were born and raised with many different prejudices and beliefs, that we incorporated from our surroundings. It was mainly by our parents, relatives, friends, etc. But a significant part was coming from some old and questionable medical findings and of course – the media. One of them is the Red Meat Myth.

The same is with other foods. Milk was always promoted as healthy, good for children’s development, useful for the bones, and full of important vitamins needed for our body, but in recent years, we can see how new studies and practices are destroying that theory. People nowadays are showing lactose intolerance and different allergic skin reactions when consuming milk. Even acne was related to higher consumption of dairy products, which we explained in our previous blog post.

The same is happening with other minerals and vitamins, especially when it comes to Iron, Vitamin B12, and protein in the vegan diet. In this article, we will focus on Iron in plant-based food.