In our last article, we have studied the cultural and social problems surrounding animal abuse. Today, we will enter deeply into this conversation and why it should be one of our priorities as a society to stop this oppression. Animal cruelty is the consequence of our actions as a collective, so the least we can do now is to fight against this mistreat. 

At every minute, one animal suffers from abuse. It shocking that after years of evolution, animals are still subject to pain and suffering. Nowadays, we not only turn a blind eye to the matter, but we also have laws and legislation that allow animals to be in dangerous situations. How can it be accepted the raising of chickens in horrendous conditions for the purpose of nothing but to feed us?

In a society that has been profiting from structures of oppression since its early days, with governments mastering the laws of manipulation, it should not be a surprise that the exploitation of animals became so normalized in western culture. In today’s article, we argue about how this injustice and inequality are deeply rooted in our humanity’s culture of oppression and domination. 

Here at NoRedMeat, our goal is to dismantle incorrect information, passing down content that is – hopeful – enlighting, and helpful. We argue that society can not, and will not, achieve ecological and social justice if we refuse to break free from old patterns that serve for nothing nowadays.