It looks like we expected more from the COP27 summit, which is why we’re not satisfied with the outcome. We think that more things could be discussed. Let’s dive into analyzation of this event.

So, COP27 passed without taking significant steps regarding reducing emissions or prevention. Rather than cleaning up the mess after the damage has been made.

Therefore, a fund for poor countries is established, but there is no solution to prevent the increase in carbon dioxide emissions, as The Guardian reports. This decision was made after a two-week debation.

When speaking about pollution on our planet, the first things that come to our mind are the automotive industry, coal production, factories, and transportation.In recent years, people started arguing that a huge contribution to global pollution has the meat production. Especially the red meat production – meaning the beef and sheep industry.

Also, the dairy industry is connected to the beef industry by providing a direct product from the cows – milk, which leads to other products that have wide placement in the supermarkets – such as cheese, yogurt, spreads, etc.