Healthy Food


We are raised in different systems and beliefs, where eating meat is considered healthy and good for our bodies and organs. That meat will give us strength and is crucial for our muscles and bones. And the most common belief – is that it contains more iron than any other food.
Newer studies are showing quite the opposite. Meat is not as healthy as presented, and it can even cause some diseases that are life-threatening. One of them is high cholesterol levels, which can seriously affect your health and lead to serious heart conditions.

All that you need to do is look at the host of recent studies surrounding red meat and its effects to register that red meat is not as healthy as one may think. Increased risk of diseases, diabetes and even some cancers can result from a high red meat intake.

We understand that if you do eat red meat, cutting back can be difficult. If you do not eat red meat, finding a suitable replacement that can provide you with the proteins and the nutrients you need can be challenging. This piece looks to make that challenge a little bit easier by offering you three superb alternatives to red meat that you can introduce into your diet today!