If you are thinking about switching to vegan diet, whether it is because of a more ethical way of living or because of health, you are already on a good path to become one.

People are running away from the word “vegan”. Automatically when you say “vegan” they have in mind grass, salads, or low nutrition. This topic carries a lot of prejudice by some individuals, mostly because of a lack of interest and knowledge about it.

But a vegan diet is all around us. Plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, that everybody has in their daily meal more or less.

When it comes to healthy eating, it is hard to know just what to believe. Many of the myths surrounding plant-based food come from common misconceptions. False or contradictory information circulates rapidly, making it challenging to keep up-to-date with developments. There are many misconceptions about plant-based diets, which, more often than not, trip us up and keep us second-guessing the dietary choices we’ve picked over time. That’s why it is equally important to get to know what is true and what is false. Let’s learn together.