Myths About Plant-Based Diets– What You Need To Know.

With the fight against animal cruelty & lowering the risk of disease, making the change to go vegan is the most resourceful way to reduce environmental impact.
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When it comes to healthy eating, it is hard to know just what to believe. Many of the myths surrounding plant-based food come from common misconceptions. False or contradictory information circulates rapidly, making it challenging to keep up-to-date with developments. There are many misconceptions about plant-based diets, which, more often than not, trip us up and keep us second-guessing the dietary choices we’ve picked over time. That’s why it is equally important to get to know what is true and what is false. Let’s learn together.

Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
Albert Einstein

Vegetarians Are Deficient In Nutrients

Dietary insufficiency and plant-based diets are regularly related. In case anything, the exceptionally inverse is genuine. Most people depend on plants to induce their ideal dosage of supplements. Calcium, omegas, and proteins are found in animals, but these supplements are also found in plants. A plant-based diet isn’t only adequate but also a source of supplements.

Vegan Foods Are Healthy Foods

The diet you choose to consume can be either ‘unhealthy’ or ‘healthy’ depending on the food choices. However, plant-based diets have been proven to be low in sulphur-containing amino acids, saturated fats and cholesterol. It is also still possible to live by taking deep-fried fatty vegetables which of course will be ‘unhealthy vegan diet.’ Therefore, choose wisely.

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Vegetarians Are Presumptuous And Insistent On Changing Over The Full World.  

Honestly, most of us who prefer vegan diet do so to have an improved way of life. We are solid in our suppositions but not everyone who consumes a vegan diet is an animal activist or humanitarian. They care about the environment and carbon impression. Their belief lies in spreading knowledge and recognise that transitioning to vegan diet is more of a personal decision than a religious one.

Vegans Miss All “Delicious” Foods (Chocolate, Ice Cream, etc.)

As more and more people choose Veganism, there are many alternatives based on plants in the market. Vegan Ice cream made with almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk is on the rise! One only needs to go around the ingredients and switch to vegan options and savour the taste! Peanut-based cream cheese is available today to guarantee that vegetarians do not lose all “fun”.

Is Cow’s Milk the only source of Calcium?

Did you know that you can overdose on cholesterol, saturated fat and sex hormones from consuming a lot of dairy products? This is especially common for women and they may end up having conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Aside from that, they may also complain of unbearable symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome and painful menses.

You can avoid all these conditions by consuming plant-based foods that contain calcium with a high absorption capacity, such as soybeans, collard, kales and broccoli.

Veganism is a form of Binge Eating

plant based foodBeing a vegan is a good form of eating disorder! Research shows that unlike omnivores, consuming plant-based diets reduces the risks of being a compulsive eater. This is because vegan diets are healthier as they contain more of nuts, vegetables and fruits. Plant-based diets also have a higher volume and that means you will be filled up quickly as you maintain a healthy weight without the need to count your calories.

Vegetarians do not Like Individuals Who Eat Meat.

Veggie lovers don’t like meat! We like telling the world what we know and what they do not regarding animal consumption. We like to share knowledge that can be misconstrued as despise. Kindness is, which is the prime reason we dismiss meat-eating and grasp veganism.

Plant-based Diets are Very Restrictive.

The definition of ‘plant-based’ is often misinterpreted and, in some cases, misused. Plant-based diets include making the most of your veggie-based diet and eating natural plant-based foods in general. Anything that sounds restrictive will not help you in the long run, so if trying this diet makes you feel limited, you are at liberty to choose other different diets. However, you may want to rethink your decision as you opt for other meat related diets – and that’s why we’re here to enlighten you on plant-based diets.

Converting to Vegan is Hard.

Animal exploitationConverting to vegan is not as difficult as one might think. Meat and milk are just a seasoning to your large main course meal. Try getting rid of them and fill your plate with lentils, fruits, vegetables and legumes. If you’ve been on a vegan diet for a long time, it will be hard to retreat to your old eating habits. Consuming a vegan diet means you will have healthy skin, fine hair, improved body function and a reduced figure. In addition, veganism is very new and clean to revert to eating saturated fats.

Eating Too Many Fruits Is Bad For You Because Of Sugar.

While fruit contains sugar, it is a natural sugar (fructose) and is contained within the fibrous lattice of a living product. This type of sugar is essential for the body, unlike sugar found in milk, lactose products and processed sugar. Fruit sugar comes with fibre, which helps keep your blood glucose under control. Fruits are an essential dessert for you.

Pregnant Women Should Not Be Vegan.

Are you aware that disorders such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that reduces the chances of women to conceive and prevent them from having children can be reverted simply by opting for veganism? There is thus no point of bringing this lifestyle to a halt after pregnancy. Some of the benefits of a vegan diet during this period is keeping hormone levels down, keep your blood type soft and checking your heart health and cholesterol levels! These are common complaints of pregnant women. It is also crucial that you consult a nutritionist who understands your food preferences.

I firmly believe the above piece has given you some hindsight to understand veganism from a different perspective. Again, you don’t have to abruptly switch to a vegan diet but allow yourself some room to familiarize yourself with this lifestyle. Take one step at a time and soon, you’ll get there.


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